How can I make my hair healthier?

Query by Toria: How can I make my hair more healthy?
I’ve been bleaching my hair because I was 9 a long time outdated, I am thirteen now- my mom acquired me into bleaching at these kinds of a younger age, and no one at any time advised me it was negative for my hair. How, I have a part of my hair (underneath) of how it really is supposed to feel, and it’s super gentle. The leading of my hair is frizzy and disgusting, it is super curly and just flat out not excellent searching except if I flat iron it to get it actually straight. What products would you guys advocate for my hair?

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Reply by Sosweet
hmmm very first of all it’s time to cease bleaching your hair becasue if you dont stop your just goanna hold harmful it much more and much more plus your incorporating warmth damge to it of course heat appliances can damage your hair also!!!! consider employing a leave in conditioner in your hair every day and see if that will assist u

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  1. A lot of people don’t know this but what you eat has significant effect on your hair. A good shampoo and condition will help, but i suggest you read this article.
    “Lather, rinse, repeat” may be standard advice, but shampoo and conditioner alone won’t give you the healthy hair you crave. For the most luxurious locks possible, you’ll need to step out of the shower, and into the kitchen.

    edit:basically eat proteins and something they didn’t list that i hear is good for your hair and nails is gelatin(jello)

  2. fσяεvεя

    Stop bleaching
    Stop using heat
    Stop using products (unless its like a deep conditioner or an oil)

    Drinks lots of water, eat healthy and exercise!

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  4. 387661882

    alot if it depends on your diet if you want you future hair thats growing in to be healthyer.

    eat:nuts (almonds), lots of protein

    treatemts: try soaking your hair in oliv oil (or egg yolk) and let it sit in your hair for a while and after aobut 30 min, rinse it out. its good for your scalp and it is straight protein for your hair.

  5. CaptainIdiot

    for one you should have never straight iron your hair in the first place and if you want to use any heat irons use heat protection spray to minus the damage.
    But hair can grow back but you might have to start giving it a monthly trim till it grows back to health hair again. but as the mean time you can use pantene hair products that’s the one i use.
    so NO MORE HEAT thingys till your hair is back to health!!!!!!!!
    but thats just my opinion(: