How can I preserve from shedding my hair?

Concern by tammi p: How can I keep from losing my hair?
I have noticed my hair receiving thinner in close proximity to my hair line. I am not on prescription meds. I don’t consume or smoke. I clean and condition my hair all the time and use hair lotions (I am black) to replenish moisture dropped for the duration of shampooing, but my hair is nevertheless shedding poorly. I am 34 and ashamed. My spouse is not even mindful of my hair reduction dilemma. If anyone have a answer for my dilemma make sure you allow me know. Alot of folks error me for getting around 24, but if I proceed to drop hair, they will suppose I am 74!

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Reply by Tygrbritt
probably your pregnant I know lots of females go threw hair reduction when there expecting. I know my whole neigbor hood did!!

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  1. amylmartin95

    maybe you are conditioning too often. if you condition to often your hair starts getting very thin and frail

  2. My hair is doing that.
    Only thing is I’m 17.
    The doctors said it was because i lacked maybe that is your problem? But go have your thyroids tested, to make sure they are normal.

    Also if you are perming or relaxing your hair make sure to protect your edges with Vaseline to keep from burning your scalp. That could cause it also if its just around the edges.

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