How can one explain to if the hair they’re dropping is natural or pressure related?

Concern by KELLY: How can one tell if the hair they’re shedding is normal or tension connected?
I’m paranoid i am dropping my hair and i am quite young. I am concerned i may have inherited my thinning hair but it could just be anxiety (i am below a great deal of force at operate). How can i tell if the hair loss is natural or just anxiety connected? How significantly hair ought to you drop in the shower? does shampoo brand name make a variation? what about washing it each day or skipping a day or two?

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Answer by Michelle
If you can pull out a Massive clump I would be anxious. Alopecia is a condition in which you can drop hair and sure anxiety can lead to hair loss as well. When my hair is lengthy I also observe I get rid of heaps of hairs in the shower.

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  1. I had this problem…. I was losing lots of hair just by running my fingers through my hair there would be loads of hair in my hand… I went to the Doctor and went for some blood tests.. apparently I was loosing the hair due to stress… normal loss of hair is just what comes out in the hair brush every time you brush your hair… not lots but a few…you should not wash your hair everyday as you strip the moisture out of the hair…you should brush your hair before you get into the shower so you don’t have the hair that comes out go down the drain and plug this up…I use a good brand of shampoo without a lot of fillers but I don’t know if this would make a difference… hope I was some help to you…

  2. truest_color

    i am not an expert in this field, but long hair does look like a lot more than what it is. genetics have alot to do with it but you can stop and even turn back this clock with good shampoos and conditioners, ask a few hair stylist/ salons what they have for this, and why this products works. also note that most shampoos are for the hair and dry out the scalp which is where hair lose comes from. secondly if you are losing lots then see a doctor. and yes stress and trauma are also major causes of hair loss.

  3. jackie48083

    Hair loss does occur through heredity (check to see if it is coming out in the places where everyone else lost their hair), stress, and a major trauma to the body.
    I would consult with your doctor to rule out any medical conditions.
    There is a vitamin in stores for skin, nails and hair, that my doctor recommended me to take. (I lost a lot of hair from major surgery). The content will also help your body make up the vitamins you lose from being stressed. You do lose your B complex vitamins as well as C from stress.
    I would not think shampoo would be an issue, unless it is allergy related, and washing it everyday should have nothing to do with that as well.
    Please see your doctor first.

  4. When you lose your hair naturally it ‘s normally between 50-100 strands per day lightly shedding. If you are under alot of strees you will start to see spots in yout hair that are alot shorter like broken off pieces, if that the case #1 STOP STRESSING #2 drink alot of water and #3 start taking Vitamin E it promotes hair growth and is good for the skin. If you have patches then you might be suffering from Alopecia and for that you will need to go to the doctors.

  5. beholder_sk

    Kelly, I suppose you’re a guy.

    Don’t worry about it till you see your hairline receeding or your scalp/crown thinning. It’s normal for a guy/girl to lose 10-40 hairs a day. It’s normal hair cycle. Some people even go through shedding cycles, like some animals do. Stress related shedding is also normal, hair normally regrows when stress goes away. I recommed changing jobs or a LONG (3+ weeks) holidays.

    Male pattern baldness is a different thing, hair seems to fall out more often but what’s worse, it’s getting thinner and lighter (as opposed to darker) and does not seem to regrow to the same length/strength as before, before it falls out again. Several cycles of this and you’re bald for life.

    Take pictures NOW. Check back in several months, maybe 1/2 year, if anything changed. Also, do check if your crown/scalp hair is different than the hair on the sides, compare thickness and color. If it is quite different, then you may be the case of alopecia. In that case, check for some treatment in form of finasteride and minoxidil plus other helpful ingredients. The treatment also goes FOR LIFE — so it’s really: either go bald, or spend money on treatment for the rest of your life.

  6. 1. you shouldn’t wash your hair everyday. It dries it out. And it needs that oil.
    2. Shampoo can make a difference. Some shampoos and conditioners are harsh on the skin. Especially if your sensitive. My recomendation for that is try Tresemme, Or Loreal shampoo. And use Aussie moisture conditioner as a follow up. Mixing and matching could solve your problem.
    3. Review over your week day schedual. Find out how often you’re stressed throughout the week. Then way it against how much your not stress. If the pros out weigh the cons then you have your answer. If it is stress related try something that zen’s you out. Like yoga, meditation, or a hobbie/sport. Like running or the gym. And on top of that, try to get more then eight hours of sleep at night.
    If you’re really commited to this you should see a difference, within two weeks to a month. Good luck. Ciao

  7. Jennifer S

    The average person looses about 100 hairs a day. If you think you are loosing more than that, go see a doctor to get an opion.