How can you inform if you would look silly with a shaved head?

Concern by Daniel B: How can you notify if you would search stupid with a shaved head?
I’m 19 and I have been identified with Male Sample Hair decline. I genuinely cannot be bothered with dealing with it. I will not want to be one of people men obsessing over their hairline or paying ridiculous amounts of money on unpredictable treatments. I know what is actually happening, I want to be ready to get above it. So ahead of it receives bad, I want to shave my head.

I think a shaved look may well search unique and I consider it may well be a wonderful sort of way to ‘reinvent’ myself. I think it looks much more youthful and desirable than an individual who is shedding hair gradually. I’ve slept with shaved guys before so I find it appealing myself! But I have usually had prolonged, curly hair so I have no concept if it would appear fully stupid or not. I know I want to bulk up a bit as I’ve usually been really skinny. But other than that, how can I know if a shaved head will perform for me?
Yeah I have a excellent ‘image’ of how I would search bald, but we have all been via stages exactly where we think a search will truly perform for us, then it turns out… just no.

As for photoshop, I do not feel I could do it realistically.

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Solution by ME ME ME ME
think about or photoshop

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  1. For me, I have always hated a shaved head. I think all men with shaved heads look stupid. My husband once talked about shaving his hair off and I told him it would be grounds for a divorce. (not really, but he got my point). But that is just my opinion.

    People who are used to seeing you with hair, including yourself will think that it looks strange until they get used to it. People who meet you for the first time won’t really think anything of it because they didn’t know you with hair.

    You are still young right now, so if you do shave it off and hate it, it will grow back right now and then when the balding gets worse, you can try it again.