how can you make ur hair develop fast and ahm does actually mane and tail shampoo really performs?

Issue by Kaitou: how can you make ur hair increase rapidly and ahm does truly mane and tail shampoo really works?
hey guyz ive been concious about my hair i want to make it expand quickly even even though im a boy i really like my hair extended any ideas or advice that truly performs….

am and does mane and tail shampoo can actually make your hair grew prolonged plz inform me…and is there any undesirable facet effects such as hair reduction?

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Response by Conserve the Pits!
Truthfully? Mane and Tail shampoo is for horses and canines. People can use it- positive but it was not manufactured for us so I truly feel foolish using it. I do, however, clean my puppies with it. Nothing is heading to make your hair develop more quickly. The greatest you can do is avert injury so it will not crack off. You can do this by doing weekly deep moisturizing/restore conditioning. Using high good quality salon shampoo/conditioners, not employing hot irons, hair curlers, or hair dryers, refraining from dying/perming/comforting, not pulling it back into a tight ponytail, and getting prenatal nutritional vitamins and viewing what you try to eat.

Mane and Tail will not trigger hair decline lol.

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