How can you support a blue puppy with a pores and skin situation?

Issue by Aimee: How can you help a blue puppy with a skin problem?
I have a blue chihuahua and he has a genetic pores and skin problem named Alopecia and misplaced most of his fur. It failed to come about until finally he was six months outdated and it stopped falling when he was about 2 a long time. He goes to the vet but I was advised there is nothing at all to do because its genetic. All kinds of checks have been done.

His fur is prolonged close to his neck and chest, and back again of his legs. Its actually quick and rough on his again, and bald on the leading of his head and his ears besides for a number of lengthy strings. None of his fur is delicate, but I even now pet him. The bad issue seems to be a mess.

Really should I preserve him shaved so his hair is all the identical length or just go away him alone? I set sunscreen on his head in the summer time and pet outfits to defend his again. I give him warm baths with unique shampoo but he crys and howls like I’m killing him. It doesnt damage, he just hates it.

What can I feed him to support him?

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No cause to shave him allow him keep what little security he has. My pet dogs are undertaking excellent on Eukanuba normally wild salmon and rice. it really is manufactured their coats softer and their poop a good deal easier to thoroughly clean up additionally they seem to be to have more power and much less gasoline. Up coming time go to a breeder that does entire overall health screening good_puppy_breeder/

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