How common is Dermatomyositis in shelties?

Query by Nettik: How common is Dermatomyositis in shelties?
For these unfamiliar with Dermatomyositis (Sheltie Syndrome):

Dermatomyositis could occur at the age of 4 to 6 months, and is regularly misdiagnosed by common exercise veterinarians as sarcoptic or demodectic mange. The illness manifests by itself as alopecia on the top of the head, supra- and suborbital region and forearms as properly as the suggestion of the tail. If the disease progresses to its a lot more harming sort, it could affect the autonomic anxious system and the puppy may have to be euthanized. This ailment is technology-skipping and genetically transmitted, with breeders getting no very clear methodology for screening apart from clear bloodline documents. Deep tissue biopsies are needed to definitively identify dermatomyositis. (Taken from Wikipedia)

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It is an autoimmune condition. There is nevertheless some disagreement between some if it is viral or gentetic. I don’t know how prevalent it is inside that certain breed, but I do know that pet dogs do alright for a even though on high dose prednisone. The two circumstances that I have noticed at the vet’s clinic have been the two euthanized after a time time period. 1 was a herding puppy and 1 was a shepherd of some variety. Belgium? German? There arrives a time with steroids just never do adequate to relieve the struggling. Is your pet a puppy?

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