How considerably Biotin is suggested for hair expansion?

Concern by dpo_iman: How much Biotin is proposed for hair progress?
I recently completed my Accutane treatment and have experienced from hair decline as a side result. I seen Biotin assists hair expansion and also nail energy. How a lot is proposed (5 mg, a thousand, 3000, 5000)? Is there a formula depending upon bodyweight? (i.e. 107 lbs) Are there any other nutritional vitamins recommended? Given that Accutane is still in my technique, I want to steer clear of any type of multivitamins since they contain Vitamin A. Any assist is appreciated. Thanks!

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also dont fail to remember your b-nutritional vitamins and fifty-100 mg of zinc which stimulates hair expansion

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  1. don’t use too much! i use this stuff as daily vitamins… and i use 2 tablets of 300 mcg

  2. You can’t OD on Biotin if you take too much it will just make you sick.. I have taken 2000mg and been fine.

  3. I don’t believe any study that says a vitamin will make hair grow faster. Hair is a waste, made up of keratin, a protein that is not alive. Hair grows on average 1/2 inch a month. Biotin may make new growth stronger, but I don’t believe faster. Biotin is found in many common foods such as eggs, milk, carrots, lots of things.
    Nevertheless, here are the recommendations.
    Recommended Adequate Intake* for Biotin
    AgeBiotin (mcg/day)
    Infants0–6 months5
    7–12 months6
    Children1–3 years8
    4–8 years12
    Males and Females9–13 years20
    14-18 years25
    19–70 years30
    70+ years30

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