How Considerably Copper and Zinc Do I Need to have For Healthy Hair Expansion?

Issue by BarbieDoll: How Considerably Copper and Zinc Do I Need For Healthier Hair Expansion?
I heard copper is very good for hair melanin and hair expansion, how much of it do i need, and I mean in phrases of nutritional supplements, I also listened to that copper interferes with zinc and that if I take in too considerably copper it could trigger hair loss, so Im very baffled to how much zinc and copper I should consider to equivalent every thing out, remember to only answer if you seriously know what your chatting about, many thanks!

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Response by Carandy1
The best issue to do is to dietary supplement your diet program with a prenatal vitamin. Then you get the suitable amount of all vitamins and minerals. There can be too much of a good thing, not only can it be tough on your hair, taken in the wrong amounts it will not crack down in your liver, and can hurt your kidneys.
Do not get vitamins bought for hair progress, they are an costly gimmick and not well worth your funds. Prenatal nutritional vitamins are the greatest!

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