How critical is Alopecia Areata?

Issue by patriot: How significant is Alopecia Areata?
I believe I have Alopecia Areata… I was shocked when I discovered a patch of bald region on my scalp. And I believe it is Alopecia Areata? How critical is Alopecia Areata. Is there any therapy?
any suggestion is appreciated!
I’m eighteen years aged

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Solution by theresToomuchgreentofeelblue
Go to a skin doctor, i experienced that like very last year. But the skin doctor gave me this cream, and it was absent in severa months. Also, just before your standard hair grows again, white hair grows, and then it little by little starts off to turn into your all-natural hair color. How previous are you anyway? Alopecia Areata is normally caused my stress. If anyone commences questioning you about it, just say its paint. That’s what i did. Hope it assisted :]

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