How do I deal with a bald patch (about the dimensions of a quarter) about a fifty percent inch previous my hairline in the front?

Issue by Rob: How do I offer with a bald patch (about the dimension of a quarter) about a half inch earlier my hairline in the front?
I am 31, have a great deal of hair, no record of baldness.
My front hairline is intact, there is just his quarter measurement bald patch I never ever seen just before (about a fifty percent inch past my entrance hairline, at my part). No other indicators of thinning. is this the begining of me heading bald? How do i stave it off? is there a solution I could use. How expen$ ive would it be to have an implant in that region? I have longish (and a lot of it) hair, so you can’t really see it when my hair is combed, but male, I know its there. Don’t explain to me to get utilised to becoming bald!

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Solution by cats4ever2k1
are you molting? Lol..sorry Anyhow …..hum….

dO You have enough hair to go over it and maintain it in place with hairspray?

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