How do i expand hair?

Query by Malina Gazel a.k.a hawaiian surf: How do i increase hair?
I think i have a condition referred to as Alopecia areata to exactly where i dont have a whole lot of little one hair which i want it.

If i massage coconut oil in my scalp a few instances a week, ultimately will it develop again?
since i want my hairline to seem like this..

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Reply by hityurer
Nope, can’t make hair expand exactly where it doesn’t currently. You can get nutritional vitamins (prenatals are excellent) frequently which will aid the integrity of your hair. You can also use a strengthening shampoo to help avert breakage which will make it seem like you have far more hair.

Now, if you genuinely do have alopecia, none of the over things will aid and you require to speak to your medical professional about why your hair is falling out and perhaps some prescriptions to aid it.

If you just want a hairline like that, you are unable to genuinely pressure it. Sorry

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