How do I get rid of flaky dry skin with hair reduction around my dogs butt and what is the trigger?

Question by boxador operator: How do I get rid of flaky dry pores and skin with hair decline in close proximity to my puppies butt and what is the result in?
My canine is a boxer/lab combine and is about eight months aged.
There is some hair reduction that goes in a straight line pattern.

Could it be the variety of puppy meals?
Could it be from a flee collar or probably not receiving all the shampoo off?

She enjoys water so is moist alot way too.

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Answer by Lainey & Neo
appears like a condition that requirements seeking at by the vet.

i have listened to that evening primrose oil is excellent for a dog’s coat & in pores and skin issues thanks to the gamma linolenic acid it contains. This is also identified in the mother’s milk.

I would see the vet very first to get a diagnosis. It could also be something psychological like anxiety.

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  1. Cecelia N

    we just had the same problem with our chesapeake bay retriever, we took him to the vet and they said it is allergies, its very hard to find out what they are allergic to, it could be food or grass or something in the air, we have him on antibiotics and changed him to a raw food diet with no treats at all and this has been about 2 weeks and his coat is getting so nice again and all the patches are clearing up, so if you cant afford to take him to the vet try changing his food, if you don’t want to do the raw food you can try a non allergenic food ( my dog hated the taste) good luck

  2. All about the bullies

    Could be a number of things: Food allergy, fleas, mange, environmental allergy, Thyroid problem etc…. the only thing you can do really is take him to the vet and have a complete work up done to rule out any “medical” issues and take it from there…

    That being said if he has had a recent change of diet and these symptoms surfaced in coincidence with the food change then yes, it is very possible that your pup is allergic to something in the food… my suggestion to you is to put him/her on a limited ingredients diet (Wellness simple solutions and Natural Balance L.I.D are a couple of good ones) if that helps then take a look at the ingredients in your current food as oppose to the ones in the limited ingredients one… Avoid any that are not in both… Ie: Corn, wheat, Soy, Beef, chicken etc….

  3. Sounds like you should take him to the vet. It could be anything. Fleas, a thyroid condition, allergies. Bloodwork should be run if there aren’t any fleas and possibly look into allergies. Could be food allergies. Very hard to diagnose without seeking Veterinary help.

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