How do I gro out my hair More rapidly then normal?

Question by Cc: How do I gro out my hair Quicker then normal?
Ok if my hair was reduce limited to my chin then in 6 months it would be to my upper body or decrease. In like 3 months we have a sponge dance so I want to perm my hair like Taylor swifts. My hair is minimize to like a small over my shoulders. So i want it to be just on leading of my breasts or alittle below so I can perm there any natural way be besides allowing it grow by by itself or making it Really greasey? Many thanks in progress!

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Solution by Sophia
Get the dead-ends trimmed off every single six months, go to a hair salon and get it conditioned each time you start to come to feel it acquiring dry, and google some vitamins you can take to naturally repair it and it will increase wonderfully!

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  1. well my mom takes iron pills and she say’s they help you’re hair and you’re nails grow faster… hope this helps