How do I help my dog with her allergies?

Question by Jennifer Williams: How do I help my dog with her allergies?
So, my dog is a lab/chow mix and ever since we got her, she has had skin issues. Her previous owner informed me AFTER i got her that she does indeed have skin allergies. Well, I’ve been bathing her with an oatmeal shampoo that is supposed to help with skin allergies but maybe I’m not doing it often enough. I bought her a flea collar so I no longer have to use flea and tick shampoo on her, which only made her itching worse. I plan on bathing her this evening or tomorrow. I just didn’t realize how bad the hair loss was until a few minutes ago cause I was brushing her. I might have to take her to the vet I suppose. I just need maybe some tips on helping ease her itching.

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Answer by Geoffrey
Do you know what your dog is allergic to? There are a couple of different allergies it could be. Either a food allergy or an environmental allergy or even a combination of both. I would try to find a different food. Definitely stay away from any corn or wheat. And maybe try something that doesn’t have any chicken meat in it either.

Generally for dogs with severe allegies I recommend Nutro Natural Choice Grain Free in either the Fish Meal and Potato or the Venison Meal and Potato formulas. Since these are both novel proteins, or proteins that aren’t usually fed, they are very good for skin allergies. It is also a grain free formula which takes away some of the biggest allergy issues (corn, wheat, and sometimes rice) for dogs. The Natural Choice Grain Free is also Limited Ingredient so it helps to eliminate a lot of things that could cause allergies. It is also the only brand that is guaranteed to improve the skin and coat. I feed my Lab Natural Choice and he absolutely loves it and looks extremely healthy on it.

I hope that helps you!

Pet Nutrition Specialist for The Nutro Company

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