How do I hide my alopecia?

Query by : How do I hide my alopecia?
Well I. Have alopecia areaita (nonetheless u spell it) and it truly is just one particular bald patch, about the measurement of the bottom of one of those mini coke cans. At college I usualy have been my hood on
my jacket or a beanie But which is throughout course. In the course of athletices (oh btw I’m a 13 12 months previous boy in the 7th grade). Anyway for the duration of athletics (I’m in monitor and tennis proper now) I have to have been my hood (like I do in course) i truly loathe it cuz it is sizzling and I don’t wanna have been a hat or beanie And I experimented with using hairspray and moose and none of that labored. And children r producing entertaining of me (pulling off my hat and taking pics with their cellphone) and things like that and my hair is about one three/4 inches long so I accurate covering it and it nonetheless won’t work and I am acquiring cortisonesteriod shot thingy every single month oh and one a lot more thing, do you know of any hair development shampoo (preferebly for alipecia). Plz support me. Thank u:))

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aww that sucks.. i viewed a tyra financial institutions demonstrate about that a single lady who had it. Anyways i would say wigs but given that your a man, then variety in hair thickening on google and you are going to find tons of things. btw the kids at ur faculty r such jerks. anyways try out okasoo i do not bear in mind how to spell it but it is a thickening shampoo. attempt getting everyday vitamins and this sort of. very good luck.

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