How do I make my hair develop faster?

Query by kashyyyk501: How do I make my hair grow faster?
Well im a 17 yrs old with no hair loss or anything like that, but i just want to know how do i make my hair develop extended faster because i want to modify my hair style. I dont want any medication but if its feasible any recomendation will do. In addition : Hair grows at what charge? (Ex. 1in every thirty day period or so) solution if you can plz Thankyou!

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Solution by pinkestkitten21
garnier fruitess

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  1. Take a Vitamin B complex every day with a Meal. That is important as Vitamin B tastes not too good, but it makes my hair and nails grow like weed. Trust me, it works. Just try not to burp, it will not taste good.
    And don’t take more then one as it is an oil soluble product which when taken too much of, can get toxic.

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