How do I make my hair grow faster?

Issue by pink: How do I make my hair increase quicker?
I have hair just under the shoulders, but I want it extended and I’m impatient. Supposedly, prenatal capsules make your hair and fingernails increase more rapidly, but I am not certain. Nearly anything else?

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Response by tdang424
wash it tons and dont minimize it

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  1. you have to buy these kind of right shampoo, and hair products. Or the old fashion way is to shave off your hair and they will grow out waay much faster. I did that when I was little, now I need a haircut every months.

  2. Remember the things on the market work on ALL parts of your body not just on your Can anyone spell ape – monkey
    get my point!

  3. kay2angel

    just wait and buy some hair products that say it will help hair groth dont take the pills

  4. marc42717

    Some peoples hair grows faster than others. Just be patient and use healthy haircare products and it will grow.

  5. ~hyphy*yay_area*baby~

    braid it every nite before yoo go to sleep every nite

  6. dont listen to the first guy….you are supposed to get trims really often. It cuts off dead hair and allows nutrients to reach the hair enabling it to gorw longer and healthier.

  7. dianehaggart

    India people use Mustard oil treatment makes it thick and strong and when I do it once a week it grows like a weed over washing can damage the hair. You can get it at Indian food stores.

  8. Well if you get it tripped and tell the hairstylest that you want to keep your lenght and grow it out because that well get read of any split ends and help it grow faster.. also buy some Mane & Tane shampoo that helped it grow FAST. but not too fast

  9. Hair is a fairly exact science called trichology and there is not much that we do not know about hair structure, chemistry and growth. Most of the Hair Voodoo out there dates back before the onset of modern science. All sorts of conclusions were drawn from what seemed like reasonable observation, but was more often than not just pure conjecture based on coincidences.

    Although there is nothing that you can do to make your hair grow faster with current technology, there are a number of things that may actually slow the process such as; a poor hair care regimen, poor diet, illness, medication, male and female pattern hair loss, and emotional stress.

    Some of these things don’t actually affect the growth rate per se, but they affect the hairs’ health and unhealthy hair will probably not grow to its full potential. Besides regular shampooing and conditioning with good quality products, the only other thing that you can really do is take an inexpensive daily multi vitamin such as Centrum or even Flintstones. Don’t waste your money on super vitamins. Zinc and Biotin in particular seem to be good for hair and are both found in the above recommendations. Unless you are pregnant or very ill with cancer or the like, your body only requires so many vitamins per day and simply flushes out the excess. In other words, you can’t put twenty gallons in a ten gallon tank.

    I frequently hear of people taking pre natal pills to make their hair grow faster, even men. The reason that an expecting mother’s hair may grow slower or faster has to do with hormonal activity and not the pills. So please, stop doing that.

    Well, there it is. You may not like the answer, but that is the scientific facts of the matter.

  10. grab the end’s and pull real hard for thirty minutes a day.

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