How do I make my hair shiny and healthful?

Concern by MissQT: How do I make my hair shiny and wholesome?
I had a straight and easy hair as a child. As I grew up, my hair became wavy and much less shiny. I have been suffering from hair reduction and harmful seeking hair for a number of months.

How do I make my hair more shiny and easier to handle because it is genuinely hard to deal with?
My hair is still deemed thick. However, it is straight and oily around the root and then it gets really dry and tough to manage as it will get longer.

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Solution by Bs
Very hot oil treatment method

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  1. Holly Rita

    try a deep conditioning treatment and don’t shampoo everyday:)

  2. Try different kinds of conditioners the best one for unhealthy hair is treseme and geres a tip get mannase and put it all in your hair wrap it up in plastic and let sit for about 3 hours i do that once a week and my hair has improved about 70% also baby oil and make sure ur hair is always brushed through brush it out befor u go to bed

  3. Stop using regular shampoo that lathers it strips your hair. Start using Wen Cleansing Conditioner! It doesn’t later so it doesn’t strip your hair, will make is so smooth and it adds just the right amount of moisture to your hair. Don’t think of a 2-1 Shampoo because its nothing like that. Trust me you will love it! I had really damaged, brittle hair from over processing it and it made my hair healthy and smooth again in a matter of days.

  4. Any type of Indian oil is good like vatika hair oil and its not to greasy also dont shampoo alot, but when you do make sure you deep condition your hair really well

  5. I’ll got the place for you! All you need to know about getting and keeping health hair is on ! It’s helped me with my hair SO MUCH. She updates it daily and there are awesome polls on the side to answer… I like polls, don’t ask. But yeah, check it out!