How do I make my hair thicker?

Question by Where Is The Love Button?: How do I make my hair thicker?
I want thicker hair, how can I achieve this? I’m taking hair skin and nails vitamins right now, will that help at all?

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Answer by Melissa
What you’re doing is great, also..

Mane ‘n Tail Horse Shampoo or use products, shampoos, and conditioners with the word volume on them. Volumizing products help make hair look thicker.

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  1. Emma Mars

    Nice question,I am also wondering this matter.

  2. Sur La Mer

    No. Growing nails & hair comes from: your good genes, good nail care, and all the healthy foods you eat everyday from Mother Nature.
    Beauty products don’t make nails grow.

    You really are what you eat. If you’re eating all the healthy foods from Mother Nature – not made by man or woman or supplements from GNC, your hair, nails, teeth, and the rest of your body will benefit too. You get all your vitamins & minerals from your diet. Your hair’s fine. You’re health’s fine, but your nails. Man-by man vitamins can do more harm than good. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t have to approve supplements — no agency in the United States does. Because of inadequate quality control and inspection, supplements contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, or prescription drugs have been sold to unsuspecting consumers. And FDA rules covering manufacturing quality don’t apply to the companies that supply herbs, vitamins, and other raw ingredients.
    Beginning in February 2008, they experienced one symptom after another: diarrhea, joint pain, HAIR LOSS, lung problems, and fingernails and toenails that fell off. FDA has received numerous reports of harm associated with the use of these products, including stroke, liver injury, kidney failure, heart palpitations, and death. 3-15-11

    Google: MSN “Vitamins Can Do More Harm Than Good.”

    CNN, Slate, Consumer Reports, MSN, YAHOO have posted them online for years how people spend $ 20 billion per year on vitamins and supplements. According to Everyday Health, here’s an article that will tell you why . . . those PRODUCTS by any other name do NOT WORK. It is false advertisements.

    Google: Are Supplements Good For You? About 3,350,000,000 results results (0.13 seconds)

    THEN Google: Are vitamins & supplements good for you? About 230,000,000 results (0.17 seconds). Some can actually shorten your life!

    If you’re as healthy as a horse and ALREADY doing all that, then there is nothing more you can do.
    Google: “Foods for Healthy Hair” –

    Hubby, my SIL and their mom ALL have the same nails and break easily and hubby and I have eaten the same foods for over 39 years. Then it’s from your genes.

    Get a manicure to a good salon, or do them yourself. You can protect them by using one of those plastic gloves. I use gloves often: for chores, gardening, handling papers, going outside during winter, spring & fall, and kitchen, painting, crafting, etc. That way I don’t have to wash my hands often.

    You also get thick hair by HOW you manipulate them, using plastic curlers, braiding them, finger comb, tousle the hair, use hair dryer. Hair products are only good until you wash them again, or they just weigh down thin hair more.