How do we require to wash our hair?

Question by : How do we need to have to wash our hair?
My age is 23. I am married. One of my buddies told me that washing our hair frequently in a 7 days is not good since it qualified prospects to hair loss and it will cause the scalp to turn out to be dry. And also there are chances to dandruff issue as nicely. I use to wash my hair 3 days when. Is that excellent ? How several days as soon as it is a good idea to clean our hair? Two times once or 3 times when or what?

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Response by Lila
Your pal is appropriate in telling you that. You ought to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner after every other day, but on the working day that you don’t wash it with shampoo/conditioner, make certain to still consider a shower and form of massage your hair with the shower water so that you can get rid of the excess oil.

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  1. browneyedchick

    I heard if u wash ur hair everyday it can dry it out and wash out all the natural oils. But i do it anyways cuz i don’t like the feeling of dirty oily hair. lol

  2. Holy Smokes, Y!A Sucks!(leaving)

    Your friend is half wrong and half right.
    If you wash your hair with shampoo the 3 days you are talking about, then yes it would dry up your scalp and hair.
    But there’s also something called co-washing, which many people do and for some it works wonders in there hair, and others it doesn’t not (those who have greasy hair). Basically, if you’re going to wash your hair more than 3 times a week, then it’s best to follow this method. Skip shampoo, and just use conditioner. On the weekends, use shampoo only.

  3. Shampooing regularly will dry your scalp out because it gets rid of the natural oils.

    The recommended amount a week is twice. This way, you’ll have the natural oils in your hair but your hair won’t get overly greasy or develop dandruff.

    Most people prefer to stick to every other day as different hair gets greasy at different speeds. But it’s never good to wash your hair every day, it’ll dry your hair out completely.

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