How Do You Get A Reduced Hairline and Avert Hair Reduction?

Query by _: How Do You Get A Lower Hairline and Avert Hair Decline?
Alright I am a teenager. I have a little bit of a higher hairline and absolutely everyone else in my family (men) get rid of their hair as they age.

1. What can I do to reduced my hairline now?

two. And also, what can I do to avert hair reduction?

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Response by MamaBean
If a receding hairline is in your genes, then it really is inevitable. Although you are unable to stop it, never hasten it by dealing with your hair around with above-processing. A great minimize can decrease a substantial hairline as effectively. Sadly, Rogaine is not going to restore a receding hairline, it only functions on crown baldness, who is aware why.

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  1. gemmagitzpatrick

    Sorry sweatie but you can’t lower you hairline. But it’s probably not as bad as you think. Every top model has a high hairline. It’s actually a great asset. I’d strongly advise you to play around with your hair, try different fringes, blunt cut, sweeping sides, longens, the lot. I think it will work to your advantage.

    As for the hair loss, don’t dye your hair a lot and really use products that are easy on your hair. NO PEROXYDE!!