How do you get your hair to grow longer more quickly?

Concern by Lauren S: How do you get your hair to develop longer more rapidly?
Easy stuff to do that is alright and wont injury hair. But it just isn’t for hair shed or anything My hair is shortish and i wont it to be long like all around midsection duration appropriate now it is about shoulder length please reply this and rapidly!! Thanks if you do !

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Reply by michaela
dnt pay attention to the men and women who say theres no way of growing your hair!!!

one. drink plenty h2o
2. dont consume junk
3. dont pull or tug on your hair
four. massage your head everyday
5. braiding your hair tends to make it more powerful (it will assist it grow more rapidly also)
six.get a trim each 6 weeks
7.just take nutritional vitamins (look on and look for hairtopia)
eight.clean your hair each and every other day
nine.keep away from heated hair equipment
10. have a excellent diet plan by feeding on fruits and vegtables
hope i helped

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