How do you halt hair reduction with thyroid medication?

Problem by : How do you cease hair decline with thyroid treatment?
I am on a thyroid medicine. I had hypothyroidism which means my thyroid labored slower than normal. My medication is sort of kicking in now and my hair is coming out far more often in the shower. If any of you men are thyroid meds and encountering hair decline/thinning what do you do to aid gradual it down or even quit it?

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Begin by consuming the tablet via your anus. Then dunk your hair in camel spit.

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  1. Sur La Mer

    I have low thyroid, but I am not taking anything for it.

    MEDICATIONS, supplements, anti-acme products ALL have side effects. One of those side effects, is hair loss.

  2. the most important thing to do daily to keep your hair nice and healthy is to drink atleast 2 – 3 lits. of water and have plenty of raw vegetables and fruits.To keep hair healthy, clean and soft shampoo and condition it once in 2or 3 days. Use sulfate alcohol free hair care products such as arganrain from

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