How do you stop your head from itching so bad?

Question by ???: How do you stop your head from itching so bad?
I am significant I scratch every 4 minutes, deep and hard. I scratch so considerably that I have hair decline that I can see and really feel. It truly is so embarrassing when I am in community scratching the crap out of my head. I do not have lice so do not even think about that. I could have genuinely undesirable dandruff but viewing how I’ve tried out all types of dandruff shampoo I am commencing to consider it’s anything else. Could I have Psoriasis

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Response by amber
possibly check out with a dermatolosist

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  1. bosox42695

    It’s probobly psoriasis. They make shampoo to and lotions to get rid of it.

  2. Well, I doubt you have that, but I would drink A LOT of water. It hydrates the hair follicle and prevents itching. Olive Oil helps LOTS
    Also get a pH-balanced shampoo to keep your scalp from flaking and drying.

    btw, This happens to about 96% of the population.
    hope you stop itching 😀