How do you take care of dandruff associated hair loss?

Issue by .: How do you handle dandruff connected hair decline?
I switched hair merchandise two months ago and I have allergic reactions so I guess my skin must be sensitive to it since my scalp dried out and then I obtained poor dandruff which is odd for me as it is never been a difficulty just before. Now my hair is falling out much more than normal (a lot much more). I go through on many healthcare websites that significant dandruff can cause hair loss, but did not note a treatment method.
Will managing the dandruff with medicated shampoos solve the hair loss as effectively? I will be viewing my medical doctor in a couple of times but am involved in how to treat this from any 1 experienced or has encounter in this location.

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Response by Sara Dirani
I advise utilizing warm little one oil with aloe vera in it.
Depart it in your hair above night time then clean it out.

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  1. Gee, it sounds serious. My advice to you would be to give your hair a break after coloring before experimenting with other products. As for the dandruff, I think an anti dandruff shampoo and conditioner could do the trick. The falling hair may need you to cut of some of the hair ends to avoid a funny looking head. Sounds harsh but it could be the best option for you.

  2. My mom had that, the dr. prescribed something…I would only use a t-gel type shampoo til you see the dr…some of the medicated shampoos are really harsh…

  3. If possible, wash your hair with shampoo daily to prevent the spread of bacteria. One of the effective solutions for dealing with dandruff is to use the commercially prepared medicated shampoos meant for removing the dandruff. They are very effective in disinfecting the scalp. But if you suffer from dry scalp, daily shampooing can cause eczema. Shampooing once in 3 days is the best solution.

    Consulting the dermatologist or skin specialist if you have stubborn and difficult-to-manage dandruff.

  4. dandruf is really very harmful for your hair. If you believe in natural therapy then u can try this one as it really works. Take coconut oil and put lemon drops in it. warm it and massage it in your head with your finger tips for 10 minutes such that all your scalp get wet with oil in evening. leave that for whole night. wash your hair with a natural shampoo for dry hairs. wash hair properly so that no shampoo remains in your hair pores. and apply some light hair oil in small quantity in the roots of your hair while your hair is half wet. try this procedure on the interval of 2 days. don’t use anti-dandruff shampoos.

  5. Meerkatz 007

    Medicated shampoos for dandruff are not really a solution because after you start using them, you’ll have to use them basically all the time.
    Try something natural, for normal hair and normal ph. :ayurvedic formulas, for sensitive skin, baby shampoos.

  6. Silenced Lamb

    Tash….Dandruff is actually rare ….in 16 years of doing hair, I have not seen any….I see allot of eczema and dry scalp…shedding can be caused by many things…It is good that you are going to see your doctor.

    Redken has a new dandruff shampoo that is really good…stay away from the tar shampoos…they remove the layer of skin from your scalp and are harsh….tea tree oil is OK but, no the best…..

    I have a system that I carry in my shop, called DHT sensor…the stuff is awesome…you can find it ON the Internet…I get it from the American cancer society….it is for hair loss due to chemo….contact me if you need more help.

  7. Washing your hair with a good quality shampoo and conditioner choosing the mildest option is best I think. Don’t use baby shampoo. Surprisingly or not so surprisingly your diet can affect your scalp. Alkalising yourself and taking supplements is an option to consider. How’s your stress levels. My goodness hair loss sounds pretty drastic at any time dandruff or not. Have a massage. Take a float. Meditate or something. Good luck with the western quick fix or Chinese herbalist or whomever you see.

  8. kool_chick


    Hi, just to tell you comment back before and after results thank you you can email me the pictures of the before and after results (i will give you my email upon your request) too it will be a great help and if i see anyone copying this blog onto a t.v show they will be paying a big price because first of all i will report you……

    The whole recipe is about how to save your hair from damaging and if they are already damaged and thin and if you are losing a lot of hair, this will save your life! Thanks to Me!

    and if you guys think henna will dye your hair it wont not the one i am telling you….Henna is a great product and make sure you are not using the henna dye you are using the henna powder which is used on hands it will not dye your hair but it will give you a nice rich beautiful Browinsh color only if you stand in the sun but you wont be able to tell normally!

    Henna Mixture for hair only- you need atleat 17 hours to devote to this mixture

    – 1 packet~henna powder (make sure it is the powder which is used on hands -not hair dye)
    -1 egg
    -2 spoons of yogurt
    -2 tea bags
    -1 1/2 cup of hot water
    -Large bowl
    -2 gloves]
    -1 cup of coconut oil (optional if you want to put it on hair)
    -a shower cap

    First you take the powder and you put it into the bowl. then to make tea you take the tea bags and cook in the hot water and after you pour the water into it mix it well. then take the egg and yogurt and put that into the mixture as well. After that is done mix it completely. do not cover the mixture and set it over night for about minimum 12 hours (Suppose you made the mixture at 6 pm. wake up six in the morning and apply it on). before you go to sleep apply the coconut on your hair and make sure you rub it completely through your scalp. when you wake up apply the mixture starting form the bottom behind of your hair and then make sure the mixture is all over your head and hair and no part is dry (make sure you are wearing gloves) . tie your hair up and put on your shower cap. after that wait 3-5 hours with your henna hair and then take a shower you will end up cleaning your tub because it will be all greenish but you can go to the salon and get your hair washed. when you are washing your hair just used about a pea sized amount of shampoo to clean out the access oil or anything that is left in your hair. you are done……henna can be stinky but it is truly worth the hours and wait! please give me before and after pictures and email me at < my email but i am a girl not a boy... p.s- for once a week use put on coconut oil on your hair once a week, and try to at least put a spoon of yogurt on hair once a week you maintain the healthy look or you can use egg and yogurt together. make sure you put henna on once a maintain the beautiful look...great for male, can put this on children over 8 years old but i am not sure! your welcome! and thank you for your time

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