How do you use aloe vera to deal with hair decline?

Query by LoserMe: How do you use aloe vera to handle hair reduction?
history: I am 19 y/o but I looked in the mirror these days and noticed there is a thinning crop of hair on my proper facet of the head. I have been shedding hair, so now there is partial areas that is bald, while the remaining hair are not sufficient to cover them.

I know 1 of the therapeutic advantages of aloe vera is to deal with hair decline. But how do I use it, and when do I apply it?

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Answer by CMA
You need to most likely discover out the cause why you are loosing your hair. Hair reduction can come about for a quantity of factors. Genetics, Hormones,Tension, Diet program can all be relevant sometimes the putting on of wigs, hats pulling the hair back again in tight braids or pony tails,chemical therapies can direct to breakage and thinning of hair.Topical Therapies this kind of as Aloe Vera are normally not useful in treating hair reduction though it may possibly sooth an irritated scalp.

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  1. Hello,

    I agree with the previous poster in that it’s more important to find out what’s causing your baldness first before trying anything else out. It could be something genetic in nature, stress, hormone problems, etc. so depending on the cause could depend on how serious/simple the solution could be. To find out for sure, I’d suggest scheduling a free consultation with a Bosley physician at one of our many regional offices (all listed on our website).

    Our people are hair loss experts who can diagnose the specific cause of your case & recommend appropriate treatment options. Best of all, the consults are conducted free of charge so at the very least you receive the information you need to move forward in addressing your problem without having to spend a dime for it. I hope that helps out a little and by all means feel free to check with one of our specialists if aloe vera can indeed help.

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