How extended does my hair have to be prior to I can donate some to individuals who want wigs since of cancer hair-loss?

Issue by Ambiguous-Kat: How prolonged does my hair have to be before I can donate some to men and women who require wigs simply because of cancer hair-decline?
Absolutely everyone has advised me I have genuinely great hair and should donate some to made into a wig for someone who has most cancers and I truly want to do it since my grandmother died of most cancers 2 several years in the past. Even so, I do not know how significantly prolonged my hair demands to be before I donate some.My hair is curly-ish and stops appropriate earlier mentioned my elbow. If I cut appropriate previously mentioned shoulder duration would this be enough?
thanks =)

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Reply by dymond
2inches is ample to donate.I have 2 inches cut off every 12 months and it goes to charity.

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