How frequently need to a female clean her hair?

Issue by Kimberly: How often should a girl clean her hair?
So I have listened to that as well much washing can lead to it to get soiled a lot more quickly, and I’ve even listened to recurrent washing can guide to hair decline which is naturally undesirable simply because I want long, thick hair. But I’ve also listened to that this is a comprehensive fantasy and that much less washing leads to irritation in the scalp and can even stunt expansion. Now I genuinely will not know what to do due to the fact I’m striving to grow my hair out long. What are your individual experiences with this?

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Reply by Devon
Not a fantasy, don’t clean way too often it is undesirable for your hair’s natural oils. You’ll have to experiment with your self, I can go after or two times a 7 days and have it function flawlessly, but my hair by no means mattress oily no subject what, whereas your’s may possibly, ask your stylist next time you get it cut, commence with each and every three times.

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  1. Beauty Girl

    Meet in the middle and wash every other day. It’s not too infrequent but just enough to stop it from becoming oily. If you want to go longer, use dry shampoo (Batiste is my fave!) to stop grease!

  2. it all depends on the texture, length, dryness, and thickness.if your hair tends to get oily fast u shud wash it more frequently about everyday, but if ur hair is full and curly and mayb more dry then u shud wash it less often like about every 3-5 days or mayb if its very dry even a week.

    when washing ur hair too often you maybe stripping your hair of natural oils and this will ceate dry unhealthy hair but u also dont want oily hair so basically it really deoends on your hair type.