How i am reversing hair loss

Adhere to me on my journey back again to a total head of hair! I will not work for any company, i am just attempting to support people with the exact same dilemma as me! I will put up be…
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  1. Kobe Alfredo

    *My hair has been noticeably th i n ning for the past few years, so I’ve
    been searching for a shampoo to help stop hair loss **De r mo b i o tin
    sh a mpoo work** They leave my hair feeling thicker and healthier. I’ve
    tried a lot of products for hair loss, and none of them can compare to the
    Dermo biotin shampoo. A little of the shampoo go a long way, so it last a
    while, and it smell g r e a t….. I can already see a tremendous
    difference in my hair*

  2. Vlad Popescu

    Hey man, what’s the shampoo that you’re still using? And have you
    considered any other alternatives? We’d like to hear some news from you!

  3. Linda Nancy

    Before trying any useless ointment, you have to consider some all-natural
    treatment for hair loss

  4. stop masterbation also it will greatly reduce DHT
    . Also drink 4 cups of black tea a day

  5. Jon Parker

    Do you do anything besides treat your hairloss? Thats a ton of oils without
    much clinical substantiation. I just take my finasteride and minoxidil once
    per day without any side effects.

  6. Morris Stionedus

    Standard medication will keep you trapped in the baldness also, slowly make
    your baldness even worse.

  7. Benny Ben

    Hey dude. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for your comment. PRP therapy is
    way too expensive for having no guarantee. At that price you’re almost at
    the cost of implants. Call Dr. Gillespie in Calgary for a quote. He’s
    awesome and has realistic pricing. TO charges a lot. I know cause I was
    gonna get them there. I’m gonna do more implants soon too. I don’t wanna
    have to mess around with all the products. The investment in hair implants
    is the best thing you’ll ever do. There’s even companies online that will
    lend the money and you can pay back on a payment scheme.

    In regard to ketoconazole. Don’t waste your money on expensive stuff. They
    have ketoconazole shampoo at Wal-Mart for $8 or something like that. Can’t
    remember the brand, but it’s been around for a very long time. Take a look
    around the dandruff shampoos like Selsun Blue and it will be near that.

  8. Whitney S. Alder

    Before trying any useless ointment, you should consider some 100 % natural
    medication for hair loss

  9. Jacob Mile

    One treatment called Arganl ife Anti Hair Loss Prod ucts .. Applying an
    oil and the shampoo that stimulating hair growth. It was a treatment so
    wonderful that my hair falling out has completely stopped. 

  10. Michel Miller

    You don’t need to feel lack of confidence since you will find there’s all
    natural treatment method enables you to regrow your hair from now on.

  11. Jared Walker

    Best of luck to you, man. If you got sides from should try s5
    cream. ITts really helped me. 

  12. Annette F. Pyle

    Before trying any expensive and risky bunk cream, you need to consider some
    all natural treatment solutions for hair loss

  13. Kevin Mann

    You can’t buy ROGAINE OTC in Canada?

    LOL! That is fucking STUPID!

  14. Kevin Mann

    Stay away from propecia? Fuck that, that is the best thing we’ve got for
    hair loss.

  15. Koshan Ffoulkes

    You’ll be able to regrow your hair or heal your hair loss totally by stop
    the creation of DHT (the hormone that cause hair loss)

  16. Oi Brazil

    HI… The only thing I´d like to tell you is that you are pretty much my
    type of man! If you ever decide to come to Brazil let me know and I will
    show you around and take such a very, very good care of you!

  17. GayMarcoting

    Thank you so much for this video! I’m suffering from extremely oily,
    thinning fall-out myself, so I’m going to try out these products! I hope I
    start seeing results as well, and I wish you luck on your journey back to a
    full head of healthy hair! I’ll be following you 🙂

  18. Bixby1979

    Good stuff….minoxidil and a (ketoconazole) shampoo is the way to go!
    Ketoconazole has been clinically proven to regrow hair and inhibit D.H.T
    which is a major factor In hair loss. Minoxidil with Azelaic Acid is highly
    recommended because it inhibits the two types of D.H.T.

  19. Ken Kanman

    No problem! Its working very well for me, and i’m trying to help others!

  20. Ken Kanman

    Hello, all. Ok so a little update…nothing has happened to my eye…to
    others tho, they say it has gotten thicker..So i broke my own rule and now
    im back on propecia…BUT if you cut the 1mg pill in half I find you get
    less side effects. but if you get side effects STOP…but make sure they
    arent in your head like mine we’re…just think of how sexy you will be
    with hair! Also…my macbook got soaked so I cant make videos until month

  21. Ken Kanman

    Also, i forgot to mention this same regiment can be done for females, but
    dont use saw palmetto, and make sure its 2% minoxidil, which CAN be bought
    in canada.