1. AlopeciaFreeWithJass

    @Hunter Stoner- Great voice and cool piercings. I didn’t know how to reply
    to your post on my video, so you can erase this after you read this, or
    feel free to inbox me @ alopeciafreewithjass@gmail.com. To answer your
    question it will take about 6+months. I am not sure how long your hair
    takes to grow (mine takes super long) so it maybe less time for you….or
    more, depending on how severe your case is. Feel free to inbox me and we
    can discuss more of the questions you may have. Have a great day and thank
    you for asking :)

  2. AlopeciaFreeWithJass

    @ Faisal Karim- I am sorry you have been suffering from alopecia for so
    long. This mixture may work, I can’t make any guarantees, but it did work
    for me. My hair did grow back from daily massages. Try it out. Please make
    sure you cut down on dairy, gluten and please check your iron levels (if
    you haven’t done this already). Feel free to keep me updated. Have a great
    day :)

  3. coconutcab

    I have alopecia areata at the moment and it is really frustrating because I
    have been getting the steroid injections once a month and apply a topical
    steroid cream twice a day and there is only a small amount of hair growth.
    It’s very frustrating and affecting my confidence as well. So thank you for
    making this. I am going to try this out sometime soon, so hopefully it
    works!! :)

  4. Wait, so you just put this on & the alopecia “died”? I’m a guy & I’ve got
    some lighter patches on my beard that drive me nuts (it actually shows more
    when I shave- it winding up looking like I took a sharper razor to specific
    spots on my face). It looks appalling to me (even though it’s mostly on
    the underside of my chin). Does this fix all that permanently?

  5. Moranda Rivers

    How often do you apply everyday? And on dry hair ? Where did u get products
    ? Wow I’m glad it’s working

  6. Hi Jass! Thank you for sharing this! My son has alopecia areata but he
    has lost all hair on his head. Wondering if this will be worth a shot??? 

  7. Crystal H

    hi i have alopecia and im 10 turning 11 in december

  8. hisboo911

    does your alopecia have something to do with candida on your scalp?

  9. Stefany Nguyen

    Where did u get all of those oils? 

  10. sandra addison

    Hi Jass, very informative, my question is, do you have to wash it out?

  11. Freekickerz Poland

    Hey. I’m searching anything about my hair fall. Well, i’m 16 and my hair
    falls out since 2013 november. I’m not sure if it is an AA. The hair falls
    out from my head, chest, etc. Might this mixture by a cure for my hair
    problem?? I’m really tired of this..

  12. chandra reddy

    Hi jass suffering wit alopecia i am using generic medicines can i use this
    mixture along with generic medicines? 

  13. hi jass 🙂 i have very fine smooth hair that gets oily easily,,,,,,not dry
    like your hair type……does this mean i still have to use all the
    ingredients in your butter…..i just want something to help me with
    regrowing my balding areas…..i have alot of them !!! every where on m
    scalp :'(……please help if you know what to do …thanks so much 🙂 btw
    have you tried the beaucoup hair soufflee ?? some people say it grows back
    hair :/ ….and tell me what shampoo i can use…all the sulphate shampoos
    suck…..they are horrible and make my hair fall like crazy…..i have
    severe hair loss like 300 hairs perday…..do you know anything that will
    stop my hair from falling out :'(

  14. united9300

    Will this work for males as well im suffering from alopecia and i have
    patches of hair around my scalp and i have lost about 80-90% of hair.