How lengthy will it just take to elevate my iron amounts from a 35 to a 70?

Query by A B: How prolonged will it take to elevate my iron stages from a 35 to a 70?
I take 2 sluggish FE iron nutritional supplements a working day (with orange juice) as nicely as Hall’s Vitamin C drops. My medical doctor told me that as my iron amounts increase, the hair reduction i have been going through will subside. Many thanks for any help!

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i typically go on an iron prosperous diet program when i have a blood donation appointment coming it will take about 7 days and my iron stage doubles of training course you an iron overdose is possible and probably harmful so i only for a week. my diet normally consist of spinach salad mixed with pine nuts and grape fruit for evening meal I change between liver and grilled salmon with environmentally friendly veggies generally french green beans and asparagus and wild rice.

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