How long soon after going through chemotherapy does a individual get back their energy?

Concern by ♥: How extended after going through chemotherapy does a particular person get back their toughness?
An individual close to me has had ovarian cancer (a female in her early 60’s). She has gone through surgery for it as nicely as chemotherapy. Now, about two years afterwards she barely has any vitality and gets exhausted very rapidly. I ponder why she isn’t really regaining her power now that she’s cancer-totally free. Will she ever gain her power back? I have seen people defeat most cancers and get back to getting their outdated selves, healthy as at any time. Could her age be responsible for her gradual recovery? Does this imply that she may not be getting greater, but relatively progressively worse?

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phone the surgeon and oncologist.

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  1. shockingoyster

    She might be severely anemic. Chemo affects bone marrow, which produces blood cells. Sometimes damage is long lasting. It is imperative that she goes to see her doctor for a check-up with some serious blood tests to find out what’s wrong.

  2. lesley w

    it can take up to months , depends on the dose of chemotheray and age .. 2years she should be feel heaps better , need a good to her doctor

  3. KaylaRose

    I went in for minor surgery a year ago this past March, in which they found Ovarian Cancer.
    Eight hours of surgery, and they removed everything. I was totally unaware that I had cancer. I had no symptoms and was in excellent health. Lived a very healthy lifestyle, vegetarian, worked out 4 days a week and practiced Ayruveda….
    I was a stage 1C, with 16 weeks of Chemo every three weeks. Each treatment would last 8 hours.
    I really never had any side effects except the hair loss and a bit of numbness in my fingertips and on the bottom of my toes.
    I felt wonderful after my treatments as a matter of fact, and really never experienced any reprocusions.

    I believe that with your friend, it depends on the type of Chemo administered to her, and how long she endured the treatments.
    She definetly needs to inform her Oncologist of this, and ask him is this is a result of the treatment.
    If she is cancer free and not needing any further treatment that would interfere with her immune system, then she certainly should have recovered her strength back.
    Please insist that she gets a check up.

    I would also recommend that she takes Cayenne Pepper in capsul form. This will increase her energy levels for sure. She must take it with food and I would recommend milk also.
    I take about 20 different spices and herbs every day, and this is what attributed to no side effects from Chemo….
    Everything is natural and can be purchased at a Health Food Store in your area…
    If you would like more information as to what spices may help her, please feel free to contact me.

    My prayers and thoughts are with her….

  4. She needs to go to her doctor for a complete examination to see what is causing the fatigue. She may be experiencing a relapse of her cancer. She should have a CT or PET scan to make sure that she is still cancer free . . and even then it is possible to miss lesions. The fatigue seems very suspicious being this far out from chemotherapy and surgery. Get her to a doctor as soon as possible.

    Even if it is not a relapse than she should be examined for other health issues.

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