How many hairs missing in a working day would mean you have ‘hair loss’?

Concern by Freefan: How several hairs lost in a day would mean you have ‘hair loss’?
Im approaching the menopause and Im certain my hair is thinning a little bit. It appears finer also and there are about 6-8 hairs that arrive unfastened after hair washing or styling. Do I have hair decline???? If so what can I do about it.

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Solution by audrey
you are supposed to lose one hundred hairs a day if you are shedding far more than that it is hair decline

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  1. Magnificent KK

    really no i mean it happens to most people depends on the genes in your family. but sooner or later yes hair loss can happen to you or the color of your hair will chage due to the cells dying out. but um having hair color may also help and also reduce age look 😀

    when hair is lossing i know there some thing out there that will help hair grow back.

  2. well blondes loose about 145 a day
    brunettes a little less
    dark a little less than brunettes

    so i wouldnt say you have hair loss!

  3. Wheres my wombat?

    Im 35 with long curly hair. I lose stacks every day. but I have thick hair.

  4. charlotte

    i’m 15 and i would say i lose …. around 15 each time i shower. i have to rub them into little hairballs in my palms and then flush them down the toilet when im out, otherwise i keep breaking our drains lol.

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