How much hair do you typically get rid of in the shower?

Query by Sarah T: How much hair do you typically shed in the shower?
I sense like so considerably hair arrives out when I shower- it freaks me out. I have curly hair and my palms are constantly covered in hair following I shampoo and then more when I problem it and then much more when I rinse it out. I have to gather it and throw it absent immediately after every single shower. I’m scared of shedding my hair!!

Is this a regular volume of hair loss?

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Solution by Bollywoodfreek
two gallons

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  1. i get this question all the time at work ( i do hair ) I looked it up in my old cosmo text book, you should shed 75 – 100 hairs a day, hair sheds, it’s totally normal, and if you were going bald youd know, for sure, there would be no question about it! So don’t worry (unless you have a bald spot)

  2. it depends if your hair is dead or knotty or a number of things but most of the time the longer the more hair lost n the shower

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