How need to I explain to my gal pal with no offending or hurting her inner thoughts?

Issue by Bobcat9: How ought to I tell my gal pal without having offending or hurting her thoughts?
I’ve been inviting my gal pal of two 1/two yrs in excess of for a evening in excess of when the weekend comes alongside. Her coming above is wonderful, but anytime I thoroughly clean around my place prior to a new week commences, I locate strands of twirled up hair about the residing area (particulars: beneath the couch or underneath a pillow). It really is not the hair strands you unfastened below and there, but she twirls her hair around with her fingers, someway her hair will get wrapped up caught and occassionally I hear this “tearing” noises. Why does she do that? and is this some variety of dysfunction? If so, what can I do to help my buddy out lead to to me, I come to feel that it truly is bad tearing your hair out like the way she does. It really is not natural or standard. Has any individual else been in this situation? Please help!!

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Reply by brother from QG
How several times I’ve presently explained it to ppl: You acquired a tongue in your mouth–use it! See, you’re just torturing oneself by currently being scared to hurt her inner thoughts. See, you gotta pic the right tone–a tranquil very tone–and request her for a favor about that. Depending on how she would respond, you would know if she’s a very good gal pal or not.

Just in scenario she will not likely do a great effect on you following you’d discuss to her about it, I want you to know anything: It really is much better to reside with no close friends if your pals aren’t actually lawyel to you as very good mates. Will not torture by yourself hon. Do what is actually right.

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