How prolonged must I hold employing ProMeris for canine following viewing results prior to switching to yet another item?

Concern by Elisabeth W: How extended need to I preserve employing ProMeris for canine after viewing results just before switching to yet another product?
When I got my pet Zeus in January, he has Demodect Mites on his aspect and front legs, causing tiny places of hair decline. The vet advised making use of ProMeris, a flea and tick avoidance drugs with components to also fight the mites. It truly is now July, and there are no symptoms of bald spots–do I need to keep employing ProMeris or can I swap to one more product, like Frontline?

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Solution by bloomorningglory
Phone and ask your vet. They will typically make a advice over the cellphone at no charge. The issue about demodectic mange is they’re the mites that by natural means reside on a dog. Without having being aware of what induced them to go nuts in the initial location, you will not likely know what may cause them to flare up again. Just be conscious that you could require to use it once again in the future. But I suspect it would be fantastic to switch your pup at any time.

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