How to accept currently being an ugly bald loser?

Concern by jake: How to accept getting an hideous bald loser?
I have alopecia and I 1st acquired it when I was little. I’ve been entirely bald most of my lifestyle.My mom panicked really undesirable took me to medical doctors and produced me get drugs until I was like fifteen. She gave up I guess. At initial I didn’t understand why she was so nervous but now I do. Ladies and girls dislike bald fellas. Most ladies in university consider I’m unsightly. Does my mother feel I am ugly? She made a huge offer about me shedding my hair so she probably thinks she has an hideous son. 🙁

Women only like large muscular bald guys with mature facial features.

I estimate i will be twenty five just before I get severe focus from girls. I’m 17 now. eight many years to bulk up. 8 several years for encounter to mature.

How to take that for 8 years women will dislike me?

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Solution by damian rosa
put on a hat

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