How to avert hair decline?

Question by DSM: How to avoid hair loss?
I am a thirty yr previous male, can anyone advise how to avert hair decline and encourage hair progress. Also, i truly feel my hair has thinned…

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Response by Rhonda T
Hair right now, gone tomorrow? There isn’t much you can do about hair loss. Male sample balding will be predictable primarily based on your household heritage of this sort of. Most fellas I know have taken to nipping the issue in the bud and likely one hundred% bald.

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  1. well, i know this sounds crazy but if you use honey, that make your hair thicker. put it in like your shampoo and it works. plus, its shines your hair

  2. there are alot of reasons that a mans hair thins. if you are lucky, its your diet (and that can be changed, right?) . if its isn’t it could just be in your genes to begin losing hair. sorry. don’t fret though. you need to see your doctor and then a dermatologist, and they’ll send you in the right direction. there are alot of supplements used for hair loss, such as saw palmeto, sage, green tea etc, so if you are so inclined i’d even just go to your local health food store and get them to recommend something. it can’t hurt!