How to avert Hair loss?

Query by Ace: How to stop Hair decline?
I have been dealing with hairfall difficulty given that earlier five a long time.
I experienced a thick, dense black hair back then which is now declining each day. If i hadn’t acquired a thick hair, by now i would’ve been totally bald, which is even now on the process.
Some months in the past i consulted a dermatologist and he presented me with a Biotin capsule (to be taken soon after dinner), a herbal shampoo to battle hairfall and a Himalayan hairloss handle oil to handle Hairloss and Alopecia.
The shampoo is to be used every day and the oil as well, the oil in the morning and at night time before bed. The medical professional experienced requested me to appear back after three months.
It truly is been a thirty day period and virtually half, first 2 months of the treatment, there was no influence at all… i had the very same or even much more rate of hairfall, then after that, it lowered by like 90 %, now i’m on like 2nd thirty day period of the medication and now yet again i’v been dealing with the ecxess hairloss….there is even now a month left for the doctor appointment. What should i do?
I’m 22 but i appear like im 27/28 thanks to my hairloss and my massive forehead

I actually need to have some very good/ skilled/ professional advices , if u guys can help me out, would recognize your support
Many thanks a good deal

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Solution by Daniel
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