How to be healthier (with a healthier pores and skin+wholesome hair)?

Concern by Em: How to be much healthier (with a healthful skin+healthy hair)?
I know this–


Wash it as soon as/twice a 7 days
Oil your hair
Use a wood comb

Any guidelines on how to make hair thicker? As in get far more hair? Not make it lengthier, i think i have alopecia or PCOS

Pores and skin

I have an oily experience…any suggestions?
And i can not exfoliate as my pimples will distribute if i do.

How do i get rid of darkish circles? I have deep darkish circles which search like bruises.

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Solution by Sam
you cant actually make it thicker unless you add in extensions. but you could utilize some hair spray which tends to make hair thicker or you could get a hair cut which tends to make your hair search thicker(blowdrying it to search thicker helps too)
hmm you must try to minimise taking in oily food as significantly as achievable. you could use some facial washes for oily skin. also boiling water, pouring it into a bowl and permitting the steam to hit your experience(not way too sizzling) will result in you to sweat and all the oil and grime will exit your skin in the form of sweat, then just clean it off. undertaking this after every single two times or so will possibly support.
significantly sleeping correctly is the only correct way to get rid of individuals circles. as quickly as you capture up on the rest you deprived your self of, the circles will go away. also implementing cucumber slices aids. read the things on this website.

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