How to buy online “HairMax Hair Fibers, Dark Brown”

HairMax Hair Fibers, Dark Brown

  • Choose a color that closely resembles your hair color
  • Liberally apply product to thin areas of the scalp
  • Brush your hair and apply light-hold hair spray if you like. The HairMax Fibers conceal your thinning areas in seconds.
  • 60 applications per bottle
  • All natural keratin fibers in 8 different colors

HairMax Fibers are the perfect solution for men and women suffering with hair loss and thinning hair who want to change the way they feel about their appearance. Balding and thinning areas instantly vanish leaving you with a natural looking full head of hair.

List Price: $ 29.00

Price: $ 29.00

Take this video for what it’s worth. I have decided to stop asking “why me?”, and asking myself what I can do with the circumstances. I want to share my story, and help people going through the same thing, or just inform people that calorie or animal produce limitation is extremely dangerous. My heart aches for anyone who has any medical problem, as I know from my small glimpse that it is devastating. Remember your beauty, your worth and that above all, you must be beautiful from the inside out. And until you can be internally beautiful, you will never be externally beautiful, whatever beautiful means to you. You are so fortunate to even be alive on this Earth. It is your decision and attitude that determine what happens to you in life. If you don’t want to struggle, don’t. It is so easy to be positive and happy, it just takes admitting to yourself that it’s possible. I love you guys & I want to thank you for even watching me talk. I feel so so lucky for having almost 4000 of you. *DISCLAIMER ABOUT WHAT I SAID ABOUT LOSING BODY PARTS* I couldn’t imagine literally meaning that people with no legs are not beautiful, especially because I think I mentioned them because I find their strength and courage beautiful. People who have lost a part of their body, are not only beautiful but are heroes in my eyes. I apologize if I have offended anybody, but assuming I meant that people with no legs are not beautiful, is twisting my words and assuming things. Like I said, take the video
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. justmerachel97

    OMG exactly the same thing is happening to me right now. i love my hair, out of everything about me, i love my hair the moooost. its the BEST part of me and i need to figure out what is causing this and what i should do. urghhh. i am soooo scared i feel like im gonna be bald after few months!! thanks anyways for the vid. ill try to go to the doctor. 😀

  2. Sophia, the same thing is happening to me. I know what you’re going through && i get scared. idk whats going on. BUT i thought i was the only one going through this state & i get sooo depressed cause i know its not normal! 🙁
    But, Yes every one of us IS BEAUTIFUL!
    thank you for this Video!!! <3

  3. thatsophiakid

    @deathcabfor Go to the doctor, if it’s so much hair that you are getting worried. If the doctor says nothing, go to another one. Of course make sure you’re not putting your hair into tight braids or anything, you’re not getting enough food/vitamins, or you’re not stressing. It could be a hormonal problem, or something more important. Hope you find your answer <3

  4. deathcabfor

    How did it take for your hair to stop shedding so much? I’m going through the same exact process right now, it started last month. )’:

  5. thatsophiakid

    @coolgirl12395 lol you really think i wouldn’t think of switching up my shampoo? 😛 I’ve changed it like a billion times haha. When it falls out THAT much, believe me, you KNOW it’s an internal problem 🙂

  6. coolgirl12395

    What episode and what is the name of the show ??
    It’s fine your normal it does that to me too like seriously alot it’s stress and you also need sleep and eat healthy to make it stop

    And in the show did the main character name was Dylan Everett cuz he’s cute!!

    Reply plzzzzz

  7. Enchantelover247

    I feel really sorry for you Sophia, but honestly I didn’t even notice x

  8. rebeccabeer

    Я не знаю што сказать. Dude you’re amazing. Can you PLEASE follow me on twitter @beckerszmusic ? I have so many questions to ask you. Please?  hahaha дасвидане

  9. RhondaAnaconda123

    I totally agree with all your views in this video. Everything, from the title of this video to all your subscribers, to your views on animal rights (I spent like half of Rise of the Planet of the Apes in tears). I was a pescotarian for about 18 months until i had to stop this year because i was getting sick 2/3 times on a fortnightly basis. It was horrible to the extent that it really wasn’t worth it and i completely sympathise with how you felt when the hair loss got really bad. Hugs to you x

  10. notsoJulia

    thatsophia kid, you told me about this problem and i told you to go to the doctor, your a liar. Im disapointed with you:(

  11. AbiTheActress

    There is no such thing as a ‘healthy food’ only a healthy diet! Keep it balanced 🙂

  12. thatsophiakid

    @mrseden3 buy better quality eggs, they may be more expensive but one egg has 80% of your daily need of b12. salmon is good and so is wild haddock, beef is an AMAZING source of vitamin b12 but there’s simply no way I’m ever eating red meat. I’d go for an organic or all natural source of b12 and make sure it comes with folic acid 🙂

  13. okay i’m a vegetarian & my bio teacher was saying to make sure 2 get vit. b12 but do u know if foods like fish, eggs, milk is enough for vitamin b12 that u need? do u know other products? & any good vit b12 pills?

  14. honeypop341

    I don’t even think you know how inspiring you are! Even your acting videos–you are so encouraging and smart. Can’t wait for you’re next video.

  15. thatsophiakid

    @ArianaGlove I’ve never really ate meat as a routine, but I really quit in May I think. It only took a month. Lucky you. Vitamin b12 can be preserved in the body,as far as i’ve heard 🙂 But be careful!

  16. PianoKeysGirl

    Very powerful strengthening mesage Thank you

  17. TheAmantaRay

    Wow, I would freak out if that happened to my hair… lol but thanks for sharing this video it means a lot ! “Beauty comes from the inside” (; Actually, today at school my teacher asked us if we could change one thing about ourselves, what would it be ? My classmates said things like their hair, eyes, legs, etc. And I said: NOTHING. (:

  18. ArianaGlove

    How long did you stop eating meat before that happened? Cause I’ve been a vegetarian for a little over a year now and I don’t take anything and ive been fine. And that’s what I tell people to.. ‘You can’t define beauty’ (:

  19. thatsophiakid

    @OoNanouchetteoO ….this is why i stopped taking french after grade 9 hahahaha

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