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Kuz Hair Loss Preventive Shampoo

  • For Professional Use
  • Controls Hairloss
  • Stimulates Scalp

HAIR-LOSS SHAMPOO A soft shampoo. It stimulates superficial blood circulation. It nurtures hair follicle and re-balances the hair’s growth life cycle. DIRECTIONS : Shampoo to remove dirtiness. Repeat gently massaging the scalp, let it stand for 5 or 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

List Price: $ 11.80

Price: $ 11.80 (more info) “They are misleading you! They probably say that your hair loss is because of stress, or because of some poor blood circulation. Actually, They want you to believe that your dilemma can’t be solved except with the help of their “miracle spray”, shampoo or supplement. But those miracle things not giving you any satisfying solution. And also they always comes up with new “miracle spray”, new shampoo or new supplement and I wonder how much more time and money you are going to waste before you realize… They got it all wrong! Now, Let me reveal the Truth to you: Your blood circulation right now is maybe better than the guy next to you who has a fuller head of hair than you do. I mean c’mon, even in the News we saw a drug addict whose internal systems are shot, but the guy has a full head of hair. So you see, poor blood circulation is not the main factor. And of course we can tell that drug addict is living in a hell of life. So it’s not stress either. If poor blood circulation was REALLY the culprit, why we still see many healthy, active people, and even super-fit people like tri-athletes, and bodybuilders, still suffering from hair loss? Why some people losing their hair, while some others not ? except for being born with genetically blessed ? The answer is simple: The skin on a bald man’s skull is predisposed for skull expansion. Even recent stem cell research proves this. This is a common destiny shared by all males (and many females) as

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