How to cease breakage of hair or quit hair decline?

Query by rainkissedrukia: How to cease breakage of hair or cease hair reduction?
I straighthen my hair alot and leave it curly sometimes on the weekends.But i notice these days a minor little bit of my hair is falling out.At times when i operate my hand via my hair some hair falls off. And i observe when i have been a ponytail with my hair straight some hair is still left on the pony tail?
Am i shedding my hair .
Im a bit way too younger to loose my hair.Or is it just breakage.Can any individual aid.
Or at minimum explain to me a great heatprotecter and anti breakage hair solution.Or good functioning property remedies.

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Answer by d20rolls
I do know that a conditioner with mint in it’s elements assists a lot.

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  1. buy pantene “beautiful lengths” 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. its not too expensive and works great on me.

  2. Meow Baby!

    Do you dye your hair? If you do, that can cause major breakage and hair loss if you do it often. Straightening your hair actually damages it as well, if you do it often. I have a few suggestions: Try Dove Intense Repair shampoo/conditioner, or Aussie Deeeep Conditioning Treatment. Those have worked well for me.

  3. do you use any dandruff shampoo, or sometimes when you start to hit puberty you hair falls out

  4. jasna simone.

    yeah, you are losing your hair. i am too, unfortnately.
    its cause you straighten your hair alot .. its the same for me. and i used to have a really bad case of OCD , because i would constantly touch my hair .. i was actually pulling out strandss. ( the roots mostly. ) i dont do it as oftenn anymore. but i’ve noticed alot more bald spots than usual. if you find a good answerr. maybe you could tell me too! IM IN DESPERATE NEED , lool.