How to cease hair decline?

Concern by : How to cease hair loss?
3month back i shaved my head now 9odays passad but my hair is so brief its n,t increasing hair loss and hair breakage is carry on so plz help me.

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Answer by Katelynn
Simple, just use a hair loss therapy. We are now in a present day globe and you can purchase it in any office keep or through internet. My Auntie also encounter hair loss and as of now she nevertheless utilizing a treatment. She just found it in the web. I request her about the identify of the item and in which she finds it. She said the solution title was Rejuvin8 and you can check out this web site: studies for far more detailed details. You may also apply a coconut oil on it but it would actually requires time to put together. Thank you and i hope you could able to discover the appropriate remedy of your issue.

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  1. Alissa Peppray

    First you should consult your doctor to see if it is a medical issue. There are special shampoos out there as well that will treat specific hair loss. You can also massage tea tree oil in your head to help with hair growth.