How to develop long and thick hair?

Issue by BeBe: How to increase long and thick hair?
im an african american younger female and struggling from hair decline..i want my hair to be longer and thicker…any remedies??

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consume heaps of water Each and every working day, consume lean more healthy protein, and consider a everyday vitamin.. Merry Christmas…

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  1. Trim it every other week, trust me I use to have short and extremely thin hair and NOW i have longer and thicker hair. Just Try It!! =P

    Hopefully I have helped.
    Happy Holidays 🙂

  2. BeBe, One of my co-workers started loosing his hair at an early age. After several different herbal, over the counter remedies, and crazy stuff from the Internet, he ultimately chose to visit a hair loss clinic. Initially he was afraid to go becasue of the costs, but he learned a lot from the consultations. After 12 months he is starting to regain some hair. I wish I know exactly what treatment he is using, but maybe you could contact a local clinic.

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