How to develop my hair truly rapidly?

Query by : How to grow my hair actually quickly?
Presently having fish oil capsules and consuming tons of foodstuff with vitamins a and c in them and even gave up each carbonated and caffeinated drinks…what else can I do senior pics are coming up and my hair looks like $ %#£! Dx sorry freaking out please assist!

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Solution by William Patton
Vitimans referred to as pre-natal capsules acquired at any CVS or Walgreens they cannot hurt you . They are manufactured for pregnant females but they make your hair and nails grow actually quick

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  1. Folic Acid (prenatal vitamins) will help your hair and nails grow a million times faster, but using a protective heat product after each wash and a deep conditioner once a week will help it to look healthier at the ends, which makes it so you don’t need to trim the ends as often 🙂

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