1. MysteriousBeauty81

    Great video hun, I have been trying everything to regrow my edges. Girl
    these things are so damaged and this is from when I was a teenager wearing
    box braids mostly. A sister needs help lol. 

  2. Michelle Stars

    great video, i hav alopecia in my nape area in the bac of my head for ova
    15yrs, so your saying avacoda oil is the best 2 use? cause ive bn using
    evoo an jbco n elasta qp hair grease super gro strenghtener n i use sulfur
    8 yeallow jar ocassionaly, so im def gonna try the avacodo oil, thnks 4
    this video! 

  3. stephazeliyz

    I thought alopecia was balding…the pic you showed didn’t appear like you
    suffered from that. Breakage maybe but not alopecia.

  4. natasha Billie

    Hi Brittany, I went to my dermatologist this week to check on my acne and
    he noticed that my hair line was thinning. He said I was transitioning into
    traction alopecia. I’m still in shock with the news and so happy he noticed
    it. He said i need to stop pulling my hair back which was in a bun…lol.
    I’m now on medication( Mometasone Furoate cream) for 3 months. Thanks for
    sharing your video because of your results I now feel I can get through

  5. Anthony Drewa

    Arga nlife products works! At least it worked for me, after the first 2
    months I noticed the results, my hair stopped to fall. If you are suffering
    from hair loss, you must give this product a try.