How To Diy : Onion Juice Hair Mask Tutorial | Alopecia Hair Growth Aid (sept/2013)

Alopecia, Hair thinning, Hair breaking, Shedding, ect, my hair has been by means of a lot. I am employing an onion juice hair mask to try to grow my hair rapidly, nat…

24 thoughts on “How To Diy : Onion Juice Hair Mask Tutorial | Alopecia Hair Growth Aid (sept/2013)

  1. i actually tried this today and it reallyy helps with shedding. I think I
    will be doing this treatment a few times a week from now on

  2. Why are you so gorgeous? Lol anyways great vid! I want to do this but I
    have no juicer how about a blender? Also where did you get those bottle

  3. doe it matter what type of onion you use white or red or yellow , my mom
    only buys white can I use it and get the same results or no ??? respond

  4. I have been using an onion mask off and on for months and its great. very
    healthy for the hair. My edges are growing in and my hair is thickening
    up. I also use garlic, ginger, apple cider vinegar, and liquid cayenne
    pepper. I put my mix on at night and cover it with a plastic cap and a
    silk bonnet. I love it. So I know you will love yours too. BTW, I add
    jasmine essential oil to give the mix a nicer smell.

  5. I tried this and had to wash my hair 50x and still couldn’t get the smell
    of onion out. I tried lemon, chili powder, vinegar, everything. If you want
    to fucking smell like onion you can try it but if not you’re gonna have to
    shave your damn head to get the smell out.

  6. was it the smell that put you off? I tried this but couldn’t stand smelling
    onion on me all day

  7. love the non-specific pirate look – wicked!! haha heard about onions before
    but never tried them on mine :-)

  8. You are hot, Jassica!! By the way I drink onion juice for increasing my
    testosterone naturally… 

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