How to get my hair blonde?

Query by Kristy: How to get my hair blonde?
I have dark brown/black hair, it is dyed but my unique shade is coming through. I haven’t dyed it for a number of months, so what would be the simplest way to get it blonde, since I attempted before and it just went orange-ish? I don’t have sufficient for a salon to dye it but I do have adequate for a few hair dyes from the retailer? Which kinds should I go with. Possibly use the blonde that they promote for black men and women (no offense, I detest expressing that!) and then go with a really light-weight blonde for normal hair? Advice remember to? (:

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Reply by Aalia
Your best guess would be help save and go to a stylist for highlights! If you invest your money on the box shades you won’t get the final results your looking for and it could perhaps stop terribly. The only way to raise shade out of hair is with a bleach or a color stripper but colour does not elevate shade! It would be a squander of your funds to commit it on box coloration.

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    Since you have dye in your hair, it’s best to start off by using a color stripper. (L’oreal colorzap or color oops etc). Then use bleach with 30vol developer. You probably will end up with orange hair again but most people do and it’s perfectly fine, you just need to bleach it again. Just make sure you give your hair at least a week to rest and deep condition it like crazy before you bleach it again!!! Then use a toner to get yellow tones out.

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